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Buddy Read: What’s Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles #1) – Review

Read From 6-9th July, 2014

Aaaaaaand here it is! The final review ;). Thank you go those of you who have travelled with Stefanie and I this week as we’ve progressed through Kat Zhang’s first instalment of the Hybrid Chronicles What’s Left of Me.

I would also like to thank lilnerdling for allowing me to borrow her copy of this book and Stefanie for buddy-reading with me.


4 Stars 🙂

What’s Left of Me is a dystopian novel based in a world of hybrids – that is, two souls in one body – but who end up “settling” at a young age – as in, one of the two souls permanently leaving. Those who don’t are considered “abnormal” and are hunted and feared. In this world, the government press all sorts of propaganda and lies against hybrids and foreigners, leading people to believe that they are “unnatural”, “dangerous” and “to be feared”.

I loved the world building in this book. It was enthralling and while what they did to the people of the Americas without them even knowing and to the hybrids made me sick, that’s how you’re supposed to feel.

Addie was quite frustrating for most of the book and there were times when I felt like tearing my hair out because of her. In the beginning, she came across as somewhat spoilt, but she seemed to grow out of it as the story progressed. Thankfully, she did change, growing a backbone and becoming strong, I really grew to like her in the end.

Eva was so sweet, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her – trapped, paralysed and unable to move. I’m so glad that she got her chance! I love her and Ryan together and even before anything really happened, I shipped them so much!

I feel that we didn’t really get to know Devon all that much. He was the hacker, and rather anti-social. While I selfishly wish that something will happen between Addie and him, I know that that’s not going to happen (synopsis of the third book).

I love Ryan!! He is so cute, and obviously cares very deeply about Eva. He’s the mechanic and the coin sensors he made are just so awesome! Not to mention, he’s a bookworm too ;).

Hally and Lissa were just the best. While I couldn’t find much distinction between their personalities, I really enjoyed their character. I felt so sorry for them though – a half foreign hybrid? That’s just the hight of social outcast. Also, it’s always amazing when there’s a character with the same name as you that you really like :).

My heart went out to Lyle. He was just touched me so much and was filled with so much life. Since it was inevitable that Addie/Eva were going to have to stay in the hospital, I’m so glad that it meant that he was able to be healthy again! He, too, was a bookworm, which was super cool.

A point that I am really curious about is hybrid marriages. After Addie’s reaction when Eva and Ryan kissed, it brought this up in my mind. After all, they are two different people, and I really hope that this is a concept that will be explored further as we venture deeper into the trilogy.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable novel and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for the other two books.

Buddy Read: What’s Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles #1) – Book Fashion

For those of you who aren’t aware, Stefanie from Bookmark’d in Bankok and I are journeying with Eva and Addie through the first instalment in the Hybrid Chronicles What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang. Today, we’re doing something slightly different to what we’ve done before – Stefanie and I have both created “Book Fashion” collages. My collage is based on what Addie/Eva actually wear (and hence is slightly bland) while Stefanie put together something based on the style of the book cover.


What's Left of Me




Buddy Read: What’s Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles #1) – Reading Environment



For those of you who aren’t aware, Stefanie from Bookmark’d in Bankok and I are journeying with Eva and Addie through the first instalment in the Hybrid Chronicles What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang. Today, we’re sharing our thoughts on the ideal reading environment for this book.


What’s Left of Me takes place in a society full of judgement and government propaganda forced upon them that leaves the main protagonists frightened for being themselves. Reading this in the winter, I feel this book is one to read curled up under blankets, perhaps with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The feeling of safety countering the protagonists’ constant state of fear.


Although this is supposed to be a dystopian novel, I don’t get the usual image of a war-torn, post-apocalyptic setting. It feels very much like a regular high school drama in a modern day environment. However, there’s just a significant addition of super-conservative-hatred against foreigners and outcasts. Reading this in the summer, I feel the book is a cafe-read, when it’s a sunny day, deserving of your short-shorts and an ice cream cone. I don’t prefer to read this book at home, because that enforces the notion of an imprisoned Eva. I’m rooting for her (and Ryan), so I like to read this at the cafe or the park, to imagine she’s eventually gonna achieve her own personal freedom.

Keep an eye out throughout the week for more news before we release our book reviews on Saturday. If you’ve read this book, feel free to pitch in your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂