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Book Haul #1: September 2014

I apologise for my absense! I managed to post a few reviews but that was all. However, now the holidays are back and so am I! And with a brand new book haul to start them off, no less ^_^ (This isn’t my first book haul – just the first one that I’ve documented).

Aaaaaaaaaand here they are!


Plus a pre-order of…


Aren’t they just so beautiful? *anime cries*

Believe it or not, I went out with the intention of only getting one book but here I am – 9 books and *cough* $90 *cough* later. This is why I don’t go shopping that often… But I’m still on the book-buying high!

With all those and some more bedside-table reads…


… (yes, that is the first season of Doctor Who, I’m working my way through) I’ve got an (awesome) busy holiday before me!

I’ll also be starting up the book memes again and try to write a review every time I finish a book (regardless of the quality).

I’m thinking of attempting some movie reviews, what do you think? Good idea? bad idea?

What do you think of my book haul? Have you any book hauls yourself? Are you on holidays? Any good books you’d like to recommend? Any Doctor Who fans? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

These Holidays…


My bedside table has been full for months, the books changing up a bit, but it has towered there constantly, with the same base books being put off because I have library books to return or too much homework. No more, I say! *dramatic pose* These holidays (two weeks from tomorrow) I vow to clear that pile! Who’s with me?! *crowd cheers*

Honestly though, I would love for you to take up the challenge with me.

Are there any books you’ve been putting off reading? Books that you’ve just received and can’t wait to dive into? Let me know, and we can take up this challenge together.

Not that it’s much of a challenge being as they’re books I’m dying to read, but more in how many I can read in rapid-fire, juggling sleeping in and other holiday activities as well. Also, this challenge includes all holds I have at the library that come through as well.


(I do apologise if that made no sense whatsoever, I’m prone to doing that…)


I have now finished my holidays and I regret to say that I have not completed my goal, with almost half of the book Prayer: A Personal Testimony by Alfred Stanway and My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult to go. However, I ended up reading 13 Novels and 9 Manga Volumes in this time.

For those interested, below are some screenshots from Goodreads that detail what books I read. NOTE: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa does not count as it was completed before this holiday period.