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Ouran High School Host Club (Volume One)

Read from April 30 to May 1st


5 Stars

Very amusing, I rather enjoyed it. I have seen the anime and it was good how it picked up on a lot of the details from the manga. There were some parts that were kind of weird in that Biscotti hadn’t drawn them with any eyes… I presume that was deliberate, but… *shrugs*

I also found out a lot if new facts about OHSHC that I hadn’t known before. For example…

  • Hani is 4’9 – everyone says that he’s SO short, that he looks like and Elementry school kid, that they can’t believe he’s eighteen, etc. And at first I was like that too, but then I found out his height and I was like “HE’S NOT THAT SHORT!! THAT’S MY HEIGHT!!!”. Also, what’s weird is you can’t tell that HARUHI IS ONLY AN INCH TALLER THAN HANI!!!!!! And she says that HE’S short! Rude -_-
  • The classes are determined by a combination of lineage and grades – I had no previous knowledge of this (I assumed it was just grades), however it makes so much sense! And Haruhi’s in class 1-A because of the special honour student status. It is determined as followed (Grades + Lineage Rank):

A Class___100
B Class___ 70
C Class___ 50
D Class___ 20
= mainly Yakuza children

  • If the first episode had been 40 pages instead of 50, Kyoya might have been cut out – I’m sorry, WHAT?! A possibility of no Kyoya??!!! *faints* Let’s just say that I am SO glad that that did not happen.
  • At first Bisco couldn’t get the twin’s hair right… 0.0 *chuckles*
  • Hani’s Usa-chan means/is called Bun-Bun! I much prefer Usa-chan, but you can’t get everything I suppose… On that note, it was interesting how there were a few terms in the dubbed Anime that were still Japanese such as “otaku” = fan girl.

I had always gotten slightly confused at what ACTUALLY happened between Kanako and Toru – I’m rather glad the manga cleared that up for me.

Overall, an easy, cute, amusing read. Highly recommended 😉