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Don’t You Trust Me? Release Week Event + Giveaway

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Hello everyone! Today I’m coming to you from a ridiculously long hiatus with an exciting linkup with Jess from Audiobookworm Promotions to celebrate the release of Patrice Kindl’s new YA triller.

With a spotlight on Don’t You Trust Me?’s narrator, Bailey Carr, and a fantastic giveaway happening, I’m super excited to get my hands (or, more likely, ears) on this story and I hope you are too.

A teenage girl switches identities with a stranger and pulls off a long-term scam in this smart, sarcastic thriller perfect for fans of Ally Carter.

Don’t you trust me? I mean, look at me. Blond, blue eyed, the very image of innocence. Pretty enough, if you care about that kind of thing. I don’t. But would a normal person switch identities with some wet mess of a girl at the airport just to get her to stop bawling about being separated from her loser boyfriend and sent to live with some distant relatives? Nope, she wouldn’t. Yet I did. I’m not as normal as you think. And you’ll just have to trust me.

©2016 Patrice Kindl (P)2016 Recorded Books

Author’s Website

Bailey Carr
Bailey Carr is an audiobook narrator for multiple New York Times Bestselling authors including Morgan Matson, Heather Graham, Ann Aguirre, Samantha Towle, and Laurie Halse Anderson. She has narrated over 50 audiobooks for audio publishers including Audible Studios, Recorded Books, and Tantor Audio. Bailey graduated with a BFA in Acting from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She lives and records in Brooklyn, NY.

Q & A

How did you get started in audiobooks?
I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and moved to New York for college in 2006. I graduated from the NYU Tisch Acting program in 2010 and was cast for my first book for Audible Studios in 2011. I’ve always loved reading, and I feel so grateful to get to bring stories to life in audio.

What are some of your favorite books that you’ve narrated?
So hard to choose! Some of my favorite audiobooks recorded to-date include The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate, Inception by Bianca Scardoni, and Art & Soul by Brittainy C. Cherry. I have a youthful voice, so I mostly narrate Young Adult and New Adult material. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to narrate the incredibly interesting and special memoir of hummingbird rehabber Terry Masear, Fastest Things on Wings. I learned so much about hummingbirds! I also recently narrated some Non-Fic on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types. (ENFP over here!) I can’t say too much about upcoming books due to publisher restrictions, but I CAN say I’m very excited about a nine-book YA series on the horizon, and also a book I’ll be co-narrating with a Disney TV star that I totally had a poster of in my locker in school!

What is your preparation process like?
I mark up my scripts like crazy – I’ve created my own notation language (a shorthand IPA, for you VO people) so I can mark pronunciations, underline operative words, and take note of direction the author has subtly gifted me in the words they’ve chosen. Staying true to the text is very important to me, so I rely on the author’s clues to inform my delivery and direct my performance (such as “Not if I get there first!” she gritted through her teeth.) Script preparation helps me be relaxed and present in the booth. Audiobook narration is a marathon and requires stamina, so it’s important to take lots of breaks to remain engaged and connected to the material. As for while I’m in the booth, I’ve learned a lot of tricks of the trade. Hydration is so important. I drink a ton of water! And tea. I probably have at least three different liquids on hand at all times. I also brush my teeth right before every recording session. (Is that weird?)

Any interesting stories from the booth?
In Morgan Matson’s The Unexpected Everything, four best friends have a group text thread. No spoilers, but one of the characters gets challenged to an emoji-only summer, where she’s only allowed to use emojis to communicate via text. It’s pretty hilarious! I worked closely with Morgan, the author, and it was a super fun challenge to translate the emojis to spoken word for the audiobook, especially for an emoji-lover like myself 💕📚🐶🐕🐩🍦💑.

Fun facts about Bailey?
My recording booth is purple! (My favorite color.) I play the guitar & the saxophone. I have a pet blue crayfish named Dr. Claw. Out of the booth, I volunteer at educational non-profit, FarmingNYC. I’m also a New York Times published photographer.

I absolutely love connecting with listeners on social. Recording alone in a booth many hours every day can be isolating, and I put my whole heart into each character and book I narrate, so it’s very meaningful to me to hear back when listeners enjoy a story.

Bailey’s Social Media Links
Twitter: @BaileyCarrVOICE
Instagram: @BaileyCarrVOICE
Don’t You Trust Me? is now available to purchase through Audible  (Digital) and Recorded Books (CDs)


Don’t You Trust Me? Audio Giveaway

#SlayThatSeries TBR + A Quick Update

Hello everyone! *waves* So… I’m not dead (apparently). First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for their support on this blog and on Twitter – it really means a lot to me. I promise that I haven’t forgotten about you or this blog, it’s just that I’ve been having trouble managing school, work and reading, which has put me in a blogging slump. Also, procrastination

Regardless, I have a lot of plans and things that I want to do here, so you can look forward to a lot of hauls (because I have bought heaps of books), tags, wrap-ups and reviews. I just don’t know how frequent posting will be.

I’m really hoping that, being my first read-a-thon, #SlayThatSeries will help me to get kick started and motivated once again. Plus, it’s the holidays and I now have Twitter so I can finally participate in all that awesomeness!

For those of you who don’t know, #SlayThatSeries is a read-a-thon hosted by Sara @ SarahwithoutanH and Chami @ ReadLikeWildfire (links are to their announcement videos) which provides an opportunity to catch up on series that you’ve been meaning to get to, but keep putting off for whatever reason. They could be series that are completed, ones where only part of the series is published, or you can choose to marathon a series that is completely new to you.

#SlayThatSeries will run from 12am your time on Sunday 27th September (aka today – talk about procrastination…) to Sunday October 4th.

The official twitter account is @SlayThatSeries, you can follow Chami @ChamiRosealia and Sara @_sarawithoutanH

Now that’s out of the way, onto my TBR!


I’m not entirely sure how much I’ll be able to read this week, but I really want to try and marathon The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I’m currently 142 pages into Cinder and am really enjoying it so far (though I’m just waiting for the moment where Captain Thorn waltzes in).


If by some miracle I manage to finish those, I want to start rereading the Throne of Glass books by Sarah J. Maas so that I can get onto Queen of Shadows and be able to appreciate it to the full extent.


Ideally, I would love to start with The Assassin’s Blade (which I have not read) but it’s currently on loan to my Aunt, so we’ll see how that goes.

If I’m not really feeling that, I could always start the Chronicles of Ixia by Maria V. Snyder.


Failing that, I also really want to get to Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan which I own in the stunning hardback edition and counts because it’s part of an unofficial duology with Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods.


Whichever way it goes, I know that I will never get to all of these books but at least I have options. Let me know your thoughts on what I should read, if you’re participating in this read-a-thon, or just anything in general.

I’ll hopefully be doing daily updates, but we’ll see how that goes. Either way, I will be updating my Twitter with all of my thoughts and progress, so be sure to come find me if you’re on Twitter too.

Have fun and good luck,
Lissa (aka joysofbookworms)