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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) – Contains Spoilers

Read from August 5 to 6, 2013

Author: Sarah J. Maas


5 Stars

THIS IS NOW MY NEW FAVOURITE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! Recommended to all. There is is quite a bit of *cough* intimate goings on but they are never described ;).

All in all, “Crown of Midnight” is an absolute must-read for all. (I do believe the female population would enjoy it more than the male because of the romance in it.)

You might however, wish to read the first novel, “Throne of Glass” beforehand though… The novellas are also really good and there are numerous links to them in both books. *cough* Sam *cough* Teehee 🙂













I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW SHE WAS THE HEIR OF TERRASEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I also knew that she had powerful – VERY powerful – magic hidden in her, but I never thought that she was Fae… It makes sense though.

Although I am a team Chaol fanatic, Dorian is epic. – He is MAGIC for pity’s sake!!!!!!

I suspected that Nehemia had planned her death and then my suspicions were confirmed… Her plan worked though – Celaena snapped. Not as bad as she did when Chaol was kidnapped though… Teehee 🙂 That was just pure brilliance – Celaena’s cold, deadly rage…

It’s now also clear why she was down-right petrified of the King… I HATE Arthur though!!! That lying, scheming, traitorous future tyrant!!! I would have murdered him if Celaena hadn’t done it for me… ^_^

Lullaby (Watersong #2)

Read from May 20 to 22, 2013

Author: Amanda Hocking

Lullaby - Cover

5 Stars



The majority of the story is based in the small, tourist-attracted town of Maryland, on the island of Capri.

As the book follows the points of view of the two main characters, Gemma and her sister Harper (while still in third person), the first half of the story is also set in a secluded, pristine house that backs onto the sea where Gemma is forced to reside.

Although the island of Capri is a fictional place, the place that Gemma lives in for the first half of the book is located in Myrtle Beach – which is a very real place in South Carolina, America.

Despite Capri not being a real place, the way Hocking describes it, you could believe that it was.


‘Lullaby’ is of the supernatural genre. This is because the main issues the characters have to deal with are supernatural.

For example, Gemma being changed into a siren and all but being kidnapped by Penn, Lexi and Thea, who are the other sirens who changed her.

Key themes

There are many key themes throughout the novel and are listed below.

Darkness and light
There is a strong sense of darkness and light all through the series with Penn, Thea & Lexi vs Harper, Alex, Daniel & Gemma.

Desire to escape
Gemma had a strong desire to escape all through the time she was with the sirens. However, she felt she couldn’t as if she did they knew they would come after not only her, but those she loved too as a “punishment”.

Harper and Gemma have a strong bond as sisters and would do anything to keep the other safe.

The sirens are immortal unless a siren kills another siren or they are separated for to long.

Gemma felt isolated when she was forced to live with the sirens.

Losing hope
Harper and Alex were losing hope when after a week of constant searching and doing all they could no news came up about Gemma. (It was Daniel who found the clue that lead them to her).

Love and Sacrifice
There is a strong sense of love and sacrifice with all of the main characters (save Penn, Lexi & Thea) having a strong bond and willing to make sacrifices for the others. A brilliant example of this is when, at the end of the book, Gemma enchants Alex into believing he doesn’t love her anymore so as to keep him safe – even though it broke her heart to do it.

Main characters

Along with her sister Harper, Gemma is the protagonist in the story. She is strong, clever and always puts the needs of people she cares about before her own – even if it seemed they didn’t agree. She is about 16.

Harper is Gemma’s older sister. However, a number of years ago their mum was in an accident and has permanent brain damage – Harper then assumed the role of the mother in the house and is rather over protective because of it. She is pure of heart and always tries to protect the ones she cares about by any and all means necessary.

Once the summer is over she is going to college on a scholarship.

Daniel never went to college and is a few years older than Harper. He lives on a boat and that’s how Harper got to know him as her father works at the docks and often forgets his lunch (though Harper’s dad offers him cheep rent for an empty house that was left to him at the end of the book). He likes Harper a lot and helps to find Gemma because he knows how much she means to her.

Alex is Harper’s childhood friend and Gemma’s boyfriend. He is very much in love with her and is dedicated to finding her when she is forced to reside with the other three sirens as well as trying to find a way to break the curse.

Penn is a very vindictive character – indeed, one might even argue that she was a “monster”. She uses her siren powers of misconception and her radiant beauty (something that comes with the siren’s curse) to lure in those of the opposite sex and use them as a way of furthering her own needs.

Penn “feeds” more than she needs to (as part of their curse, they must feed on hearts of males at least twice a year) and is the leader of the sirens. She is also very possessive and like to usually tends to “play” with boys before she consumes their hearts.

Thea is the kindest of the three sirens who turned Gemma and is the only one that only feeds twice a year – and only murderers, rapists, etc. In ‘Lullaby’ it becomes clear that she is more humane than Penn and Lexi.

Lexi is the third siren. She has the most beautiful voice out of the four (including Gemma) and uses it to her advantage – she can even manipulate those of the female sex.


Now that Gemma has inherited the curse of the sirens, she has no choice but to go with Penn, Lexi and Thea – even though she wouldn’t trust them with her life.

However, the curse plages her with incredibly dark hungers and new powers – to those of which she is determined to resist. She can’t hold out forever though…

Back in Capri, Harper and Alex are determined to find Gemma and unwittingly enlist the help of Daniel, someone Harper is determined to avoid as he tests her walls like never before.

Can they find Gemma before it’s too late? And if they do, will she still have her humanity?

Purpose and audience

Lullaby is aimed at the audience of teenagers/young adult because of the age of the characters and the overall way the book is written.

The purpose of ‘Lullaby’ is to convey that no matter what happens, there will always be hope, that family can make you stronger and that, sometimes, sacrifices need to be made.


I loved the originality of the story and the depth of the characters. Sirens are not commonly focused on and when they are they are either absolutely hideous bird-monsters or beautiful mermaids that can transform into human girls with evil intentions – they both, however, have a beautiful song that lures those of the male sex in. Hocking puts all of that together into an amazing love story of right and wrong, family, hope and lifelong bonds.


There was not much that I disliked in ‘Lullaby’ – save for the fact that it had to end… But really, to me the novel was 5 star quality and I couldn’t have imagined it better.

The Elite (the Selection #2)

Read in May, 2013

Author: Kiera Cass

the Elite

5 Stars

Before Reading…

Pre-ordered! Can’t Wait!

I love this series! I hope this has more about the war – and Marlee! Do you remember the odd conversation between Marlee and America near the end of “The Selection”? I think she might have something (or someone?) at her home who she is in trouble with. Or she could be involved with the war? What if she’s in love with a rebel? Or the/a leader of the rebels? Just putting ideas out there…

Team Maxon!

But wait! What of this other girl (Delphine?) in Maxon’s life? Will she make an appearance? Can’t wait for “The Prince” to come out so that we can find out more! As well as the first two chapters of “The Elite”.

– Oh why do we have to wait???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Reading…

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It just can’t end like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I melted…

I loved it. “The Elite” had me hook, line and sinker right from the first line.

The plot was complex, the characters deep, and secrets revealed. Trust was broken and decisions made.

You could sympathise with the characters and clearly see them struggle and grow, making mistakes and asumptions just like anyone else – too often characters tend to lack this vital character development.

This book was everything I could have wished for and more, and yet…

…And yet Cass didn’t just conclude it, leave it at a point where it could be classed as “finished”. No. She took it to a whole new level, making it as though the real fight was only just beginning.

– Not only did she execute this perfectly, but every page, every detail, every experience that America and her fellow characters had were important, they played a big part in not only character development, but plot line execution.

This story is one-in-a-million and deserves more than just 5 stars.

Can’t wait for the next one! ^_^

The Thirteenth Princess

Read in January, 2013

Author: Diane Zahler

The Thirteenth Princess

3.75 Stars

An interesting twist on the fairytale “the Twelve Dancing Princesses”. Recommended for but is not limited to people aged 8-12.

This book was not one of my favorites, but was written quite well.

Personally, I read this one to see what “a normal 12/13 year old” would read. – People always tend to say that I read things that are a few years “too old” for me. I call it “expanding my horizons”. – Go figure.