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The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer #1)

Read on June 15, 2012

Author: Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty

1 Star

To put it simply: I didn’t like the book. Belly was way too clingy, needy and all that. Personally, I don’t know how I got through this and would not recommend this to anyone. However, I do know of quite a few people who really enjoy this series – it just didn’t work for me.

Dancing in the Dark

Author: Robyn Bavati

Dancing in the Dark


Ditty is a teenage girl who belongs to an extremely strict Jewish community. Then she finds out about ballet, and is immediately entranced. So much so that when her parents say that she can’t learn, she secretly does so behind their backs. Soon dance becomes her life, heart and soul. As she follows her dream she finds herself questioning her beliefs and becoming more and more distant from those she loves. Secrets cannot stay hidden forever, so what will happen when her family finds out hers?

Preferred Character

Personally, my favourite character is Gittel, Ditty’s youngest sister. When I picture her she is so buoyant and carefree, elated at the simplest of things. She is so full of hope, so juvenile, it’s like she can light up a room with her mere presence and animated personality. Gittel is my favourite character because although young of age I see a spark of intelligence in her eyes that betray a wonderful mind at work, masked by a wall of innocence.

Likes and Dislikes

There were many things that I liked about this book and, as far as I’m concerned, nothing that I disliked. That in itself has to be a first, as I am extremely good at finding faults in things. However most of the time I keep them to myself.

I think that the plot and storyline are extremely well worked, the characters’ abilities, personalities and roles evenly spread and the characters’ problems realistic. One of the most annoying things when it comes to books is if the complications in the novel(s) are unrealistic for the current situation.


5 Stars
In this book I found that I was hanging onto every word. Even after the multiple times that I have read this, it never ceases to surprise me. In such a short time I found that this book has risen to be my 2nd favourite of all time. For me this book definitely deserves a five out of five, if not more.


I would definitely recommend this book to others, especially those interested in dance, though it is not necessary. For example, when it comes to dance I am completely clueless yet this is one of my favourite books.