WWW Wednesday #1

Hello and welcome to my very first WWW Wednesday! Hosted by MzB from Should Be Reading. (I do apologise that this is rather late in the day, but it’s still Wednesday so it counts).

The rules are as follows:

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Today, it’s going to be more like a WW Wednesday. This is because I have just finished reading Kiera Cass’ “The One” (The Selection #3), but it classifies as what I was currently reading because I started it today. Does that make sense?

My review of “the One” is posted here.


Next I will be reading Cassandra Clare’s “City of Heavenly Fire” (the final instalment in the Mortal Instruments saga, with characters from the Infernal Devices). I am super excited to read this! I can’t wait! *squeals, jumping up and down with joy*.


Although she will probably never see this post, I would like to have a huge shoutout to my friend Deanna who leant me her copy (as well as “The Shadowhunter’s Codex”) to read. If not for her, then I would still be 22nd in line for my library’s copy, so thank you!

So, there’s my first ever WWW Wednesday! Let me know your WWW Wednesday – even if it ends up being Thursday when we discuss 🙂


16 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #1

  1. Well, here’s my www:

    What are you currently reading? – nothing right now. Still deciding. 🙂
    What did you recently finish reading? – Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout
    What do you think you’ll read next? – I’m thinking about finishing The Fault in Our Stars. 🙂 Haven’t read the entire book.


    1. Awesome! Thanks for that :). Is there any particular reason why you haven’t finished reading The Fault in Our Stars? I’m all ears 🙂


      1. Have you read it, by the way? It’s because I’ve accidentally heard some spoilers about the book. Lol. The thrill just went down that’s why I paused it for a while. I promised to finish it though. 🙂


      2. Yes, I have. It was an amazing read. 🙂 Can I kill the person/people who spoiled it for you? Please? 0.0


      3. Why thank you *bows deeply*. The movie is so true to the book! I have to say though, I sadly didn’t cry (I did in the book though). It is absolutely stunning – Shaylene (sp?) and Ansel are perfect as Hazel and Augustus ^_^


      4. Shai and Ansel are what I perfectly imagine as characters in the book. And I haven’t even seen the trailer yet by the time I started reading it. So, I was kind of hyped. 🙂


      5. By the way, any suggestion of dystopia, YA books that are cool to read? After TFIOS, I’m planning to read YA’s again. Lol. 😀 But I want to read something like Obsidian and The Selection. 🙂 I’m eyeing on THE IRON KING by Julie Kagawa but I don’t know yet. 🙂


      6. That series is pretty cool. I prefer her “Blood of Eden” series though – it begins with “the Immortal Rules”. Have you read any of Cassandra Clare’s novels? It’s not dystopian, but they’re AMAZING. I prefer her series “the Infernal Devices” which is slightly historical fiction over “the Mortal Instrument” though it’s still really good. To some, the first book “City of Bones” of TMI is kind of boring, but that’s because it’s mainly world building. The last book of TMI is what I’m reading next and I’m super hyped! I’m not sure if you’ve read Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series but they’re really good as well. The “Eve” trilogy by Anna Carey (I’m not sure if that’s spelt correctly) is another one I’d recommend. Another book which I am yet to read but which sounds AMAZING is called “Halo” (not the one about angels) and I will be right back with the author’s name


  2. Omg. I’ve checked all your recommended books in goodreads and now I’m basically confused of which one I’m going to read first. All of them seem promising! So, if I’m going to read TMI, should I start with City of Bones then? 🙂


    1. *chuckles* I’m glad you think so. Yes, when reading TMI start with City of Bones. I hope you enjoy it, but if you find it boring, please persevere! The other books are worth it. In case you didn’t know, TID is kind of like a prequel to TMI in that it is in the shadowhunter world, but either 200 or 400 years prior, I can’t recall. If you read both series, you can see cross-references. If you do end up enjoying and completing TMI, my recommendation is to read TID before City of Heavenly Fire, the final book in TMI


      1. Great! I think I’m going to love this series. I read the reviews and majority of them rated City of Bones 5 stars. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂 I’d place this on top of my TBRs. 🙂


      2. No problem! I’m going to read City of Heavenly Fire tomorrow and I can’t wait for another person to fangirl with. ^_^ Hopefully, my review will do the book justice. I actually have pointed out some of the many connections in one of my reviews (I think it was the only TMI review that I’ve done so far, actually). Also, Magnus Bane, who you will meet, is a prominent character in both TMI and TID – he’s brilliant.


      3. Wow seems interesting enough! 🙂 I’d have to check your reviews about TMI, too. To have a better preview about what to expect about it. 🙂


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