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The Simple Gift

Read from January 28 to 29, 2014

Author: Steven Herrick


2.5 Stars >> 1 Star (if that)


Initial Response:

I found this book really sweet. It’s not something that I would have picked out for myself, but it’s a book that we will be studying this year for school and I read. Admittedly, I don’t think I’d read it again in my free time, but it was alright.

2.5 Stars

Old Bill is so sweet 🙂 – but kind of creepy…


I’m kind of over it as I’ve been studying it all term -_-

After Exams:

If I didn’t have something against burning/tearing apart/shredding books, I would do all of the above to this book. I didn’t even like it that much in the beginning! But now I am SO over it!! I HATE this book now!! 1 Star, if that.

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3) – Contains Spoilers and References to the Infernal Devices

Read on December 11, 2013

Author: Cassandra Clare


4 Stars




Finally!! I thought that they’d NEVER get to the point of finding out that they weren’t brother and sister… But now they have, and Clary and Jace can be together!!! The depiction of Idris is beautiful and YES, LUKE AND JOCELYN ARE FINALLY TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are SO going to get married… Not to mention there was so many MALEC moments that I almost cried in happiness…

WARNING: References to the Infernal Devices

Am I the only one who noticed that not only is Jace William Herondale’s heir but that the star that he has as a birthmark originated from when Will was marked by Tessa’s Clockwork Angel (the same angel, mind you, that Valentine captured) after they had spent the night together in her cell at Mortmain’s headquarters? Yes? No? Maybe?

I also happened to notice that Jocelyn’s maiden name is Fairchild – and you know who else’s last name is Fairchild? Charlette! Or, more accurately, her SON. So Charlotte’s Clary’s ancestor! Isn’t that awesome?!

Hodge’s last name is Starkweather – as in, Tessa’s great-grandfather’s name. Since Tessa’s immortal (indeed, I have heard that we catch up with her in “City of Fallen Angels”) it is more than likely that at some point she took on the name of Starkweather – maybe, but I’m not sure – presuming that I’m right, Hodge and Jace are distantly related.

The Lightwoods. The Lightwoods are already an amazing family as it is (a part of me died with Max) but to make them even better she’s tied them to Gabriel and Gideon – who’s father, might I recall, turned into a giant worm because he had demon pox

Don’t you just love Shadowhunter surnames? I know I do! Cassandra’s references to the Infernal Devices (in my opinion) just make her writing even better! Though, she DID write the Mortal Instruments first (I think) but I still think that it’s brilliant how she’s tied them together – after all, the Infernal Devices ARE set a couple hundred years back.

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)

Read from December 4 to 6, 2013

Author: Cassandra Clare


3.5 Stars

At first I didn’t understand why my best friend is obsessed with it – I mean, it was alright, but nothing that good – but then I got about halfway into the novel and I was hooked. “City of Bones “may not be much of a read to start with, but after a while the plot changes and things begin to develop. Characters change, betrayals are afoot and twists are everywhere.

I must admit however, if it weren’t for the fact that my best friend would kill me if I didn’t finish it and that I have read and immensely enjoyed “Clockwork Angel” I may very well have stopped reading this partway through.

My advice is, if you don’t like the novel in the beginning, persevere and just give it a try, as it just might surprise you.

The writing was really good, and the plotline hooked me in the second half of reading this, but the beginning wasn’t that crash hot. I’ll read the next book though and see what my verdict will be. I have to admit, although I really liked Simon, there were times when I just wanted him to shove off and leave Clary alone with Jace…
I SHIP MALIC!!!!!!!! UPDATE Despite the common opinion that the movie was a failure, I (for once) really enjoyed the adaption.

Rise (Eve #3) – Contains Spoilers

Read from November 30 to December 01, 2013

Author: Anna Carey


5 Stars

Brilliant use of past characters, new characters, plot line and realism. “Rise” is a book which I could read time and time again without getting tired of it – and now that I have my own copy, I can!! XD

I really am giving out too many five star ratings…. oh well…

















CALEB IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOW THE HAPPIEST GIRL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A part of me died when he was shot but now it’s back again!!! XD And now Clara can have Charles!!!!!!!!

ARDEN is the rebel leader!!!!! I certainly did NOT see that coming….

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1)

Read from November 29 to 30, 2013

Author: Cassandra Clare


5 Stars

I’ve heard many people give some pretty good reviews about Cassandra Clare’s works (indeed, my friend is currently obsessed with the Mortal Instruments) but this is the first time I have actually read any of her books – and might I say, it really was amazing.

“Clockwork Angel” has a very intriguing, thought-out plot with brilliant character development. The characters were down-to-earth, real and each had their own backstory that made them who they are.

Altogether a brilliant read, I look forward to reading more of her novels and further into the world of the Shadowhunters. Five star quality.

Tidal (Watersong #3)

Read from September 26 to 27, 2013

Author: Amanda Hocking


5 Stars

An absolutely amazing book. “Tidal” sucked you in and made you feel like you were actually there.

The characters were amazing. You got an in depth look at who they were and why they are the way they are without explaining everything.

The flashbacks were new to the series, relevant and completely unexpected. It also gave you a look into who Aggie was and how Thea’s mind works.

The plot line was relevant and realistic. Despite the abnormal situation, I found myself relating to the story and slipping in.

Without giving much away, “Tidal” is a fantastic read with absolutely brilliant writing (not to mention the huge cliffhanger at the end).

I can’t wait for the next one!!! ^_^

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) – Contains Spoilers

Read from August 5 to 6, 2013

Author: Sarah J. Maas


5 Stars

THIS IS NOW MY NEW FAVOURITE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! Recommended to all. There is is quite a bit of *cough* intimate goings on but they are never described ;).

All in all, “Crown of Midnight” is an absolute must-read for all. (I do believe the female population would enjoy it more than the male because of the romance in it.)

You might however, wish to read the first novel, “Throne of Glass” beforehand though… The novellas are also really good and there are numerous links to them in both books. *cough* Sam *cough* Teehee 🙂













I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW SHE WAS THE HEIR OF TERRASEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I also knew that she had powerful – VERY powerful – magic hidden in her, but I never thought that she was Fae… It makes sense though.

Although I am a team Chaol fanatic, Dorian is epic. – He is MAGIC for pity’s sake!!!!!!

I suspected that Nehemia had planned her death and then my suspicions were confirmed… Her plan worked though – Celaena snapped. Not as bad as she did when Chaol was kidnapped though… Teehee 🙂 That was just pure brilliance – Celaena’s cold, deadly rage…

It’s now also clear why she was down-right petrified of the King… I HATE Arthur though!!! That lying, scheming, traitorous future tyrant!!! I would have murdered him if Celaena hadn’t done it for me… ^_^