Pandemonium (Delirium #2) – Contains Spoilers

Read on April 29th, 2014

Author: Lauren Oliver


5 Stars


I’m serious this time, I WILL write a review/rant/vent on this. I promise.


April 30th, 2014
Here as promised (finally)

No. Just no.
Let me get this straight:

First you make me fall in love with Alex. You kill him off. Julian comes into the picture. Alex comes back just when Julian and Lena have gotten together and realised that they were both in love with one another. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING LAUREN????!!!!!!!!!


  • You make me fall in love with him
  • You give them more moments together
  • Show him developing as a character
  • Make both Lena and him break their cold exteriors and give pieces of themselves to the other
  • Make me fall even MORE in love with him
  • Beat him up
  • Make them almost die time and time again
  • Allow them to finally find peace
  • Separate them
  • Raven reveals to Lena that this was all some sadistic plan to make Julian change sides
  • Julian almost gets executed for changing sides
  • Lena realises she love him, finally moving on from Alex
  • Lena saves him with Raven’s help
  • They finally get to be together
  • Things seem to be perfect


(I use ‘then’ too much…)

I’m sorry, you just can’t make me fall in love with Alex, grieve over his death, make me fall in love with Julian and then when things seem perfect… YOU DROP THE BOMB THAT ALEX IS ALIVE!! Just no. *shakes head* That is not fair AT ALL!


  • You make me trust her
  • You make me love her
  • You show me her vulnerable side
  • You make me feel sorry for her
  • You then reveal her to be no better than the Zombies (Cureds) by planning the kidnapping of Lena and Julian, manipulating them both, and then not caring that Julian was going to be executed, breaking Lena’s heart and mine
  • Raven decides to leave the following morning, leaving Julian to death and Lena to heartbreak (AGAIN!)
  • She slightly redeems herself by helping Julian escape

I honestly don’t know what to feel about her.


  • You make me hate him
  • You make me think he’s the one in the wrong when he and Raven argue
  • You reveal him to be awesome
  • I fall in love with him



  • She is left behind
  • Lena goes through the emotional pain of realising she’s been cured
  • Lena has to try and remove Hana from her memories because it becomes too painful
  • We are told that “Requiem” is told from the perspective of Lena AND HANA
  • I’m sorry, what? I though Hana was one of the Zombies now???


Oh, and don’t forget about Lena’s mum:

  • You make Lena think that she’s been dead since she was six
  • Alex helps her find out that her mum was not dead but, in fact, in the crypts
  • Lena misses out by merely days on seeing her mother – losing her all over again
  • You let them encounter each other without Lena knowing it, only seeing the number branded on her mother’s cheek
  • Lena finds out that it WAS her mother by looking it up in the records of the crypt
  • By the time Lena realises this, her mother is gone, presumably never to be seen again (she’s tip-top in the rebellion)



I loved the “then” and “now” chapters and how in both timelines I was hooked and intrigued. To some this may have been confusing, but I got it right off the bat. Every chapter ended in a cliff hanger, every page making me want to know more. I loved how we got to see a lot of the Wilds in this novel and it was simply brilliant. Not to mention, I ADORE how the sites were nicknamed “Zombie Land” because it’s SO TRUE!!!

There’s probably a lot more I should have explained or whatever but considering I’m writing this a couple days after reading it, I think I’ve done pretty well. Also, this kind of format (if you can call it a format) is a new thing that I’m trying out. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. (if anyone actually reads this…)

(Yes, I know this was written very badly…)

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