Undine (Undine #1)

Read in May, 2012

Author: Penni Russon


A completely new perspective on the supernatural, “Undine” has magical twists and turns that will have you entranced right up until the last word.


“Power. Consumption. Chaos.”

In a world where the impossible is possible ‘Undine’ takes the basic fairytale magic and twists it into something dark, unfathomable and endless.

Join this amazing tale of struggles, discoveries and magic with a girl who will go to extreme lengths to find out who – or what – she is. However, in this search for answers will she find herself or loose herself?

Preferred Character

Personally, I do not gave a preferred character but if I had to choose one I’d pick Trout. As Undine’s best friend, he has been there for her steadily throughout her life. The type of love that he has for her is, although messy, true. Even when she ‘escaped’ to her father, he was still looking out for her. Everyone needs someone like that in their life, a best friend that you can thoroughly depend upon.

Likes and Dislikes

This book is intriguing and had many twists and turns that – like me – will have you hanging onto every word. Despite the magic, ‘Undine’ is a surprisingly realistic story. Although the ending is left open for the imagination, I do not believe that the author left enough room for a second – and third – book. However I have not read the next books so I am not exactly one to judge.


4 Stars
Though this is not the type of book that I usually read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘Undine’ is paced and well planed, yet has many surprises that lead you toward the unexpected. It was a lovely book to read but I’m not that inclined to read the rest of the series.


I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in fantasy, magic and the unreal. I also recommend this to anyone who enjoys modern and/or twisted fairytales. ‘Undine’ is based in a real place but the turn of events are fictional.

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