City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)

Read from December 4 to 6, 2013

Author: Cassandra Clare


3.5 Stars

At first I didn’t understand why my best friend is obsessed with it – I mean, it was alright, but nothing that good – but then I got about halfway into the novel and I was hooked. “City of Bones “may not be much of a read to start with, but after a while the plot changes and things begin to develop. Characters change, betrayals are afoot and twists are everywhere.

I must admit however, if it weren’t for the fact that my best friend would kill me if I didn’t finish it and that I have read and immensely enjoyed “Clockwork Angel” I may very well have stopped reading this partway through.

My advice is, if you don’t like the novel in the beginning, persevere and just give it a try, as it just might surprise you.

The writing was really good, and the plotline hooked me in the second half of reading this, but the beginning wasn’t that crash hot. I’ll read the next book though and see what my verdict will be. I have to admit, although I really liked Simon, there were times when I just wanted him to shove off and leave Clary alone with Jace…
I SHIP MALIC!!!!!!!! UPDATE Despite the common opinion that the movie was a failure, I (for once) really enjoyed the adaption.

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